Dehumidifiers: Keeping your home dry for more home comfort

Air Quality

Relief is a personal deal and achieving your home’s model comfort level is something the team at C-N-O Comfort Zone is ready to assist you in achieving. Of course, remaining comfortable and avoiding AC repair is something all homeowners can agree they expect from their home comfort system. There are simple things that you can control to advance your personal comfort, such as your thermostat, but a less apparent thing is the humidity levels. Humidity plays a crucial role in how comfortable you feel in your home and it’s regularly overlooked. The moisture levels in your home might be hurting your comfort levels partnered with your indoor air quality, that’s how a whole-home dehumidifier comes in as a comfort savior.

As the seasons alter in Saint Peters, we have days where the humidity feels absolutely miserable. While you may consider lowering your thermostat is the answer, it might be time to consider a dehumidifier. The ideal humidity for your health and comfort is between 30-50%. Other than feeling uncomfortable, how do you know if you have too much humidity in your home?

There are several issues to look for:

  • Musty odors
  • Cracked paint
  • The air feels thick
  • Condensation or frost on your windows
  • Peeling wall paper

We usually associate humidity with heat, but it doesn’t have to be hot to be humid. The heat just makes the humidity extra uncomfortable. Fall and late spring are typically high humidity seasons and times when it’s raining or early in the morning and evening.

Before you spend a lot of time searching for signs of extra humidity in your home, give the experts at C-N-O Comfort Zone in Saint Peters a call at 636-578-1777. Our educated experts can assist you on the most effective ways to keep your home comfortable at the perfect measure of humidity. 

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